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Bush legacy a web log containing some random thoughts on the Bush Administration. The legacy of George W. Bush.... Death, Debt and Deceit.....but he saved the stem cells!!



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saw this today. This is exclusively for those low effort Thinking Republicans out there

Find it right here!



So the Bush Library opened today. 500,000,000  ( 500 million) spent on this could have been spent on injured soldiers returning from the war of choice based on lies and fear. What a guy


The site has pretty much gone static Not much left to say. I intend to clean up the site change a few things and just let it rest. 10th anniversary of the Invasion..... GOP NEVER AGAIN



All I am hearing this morning is how the war is over. All I feel is anger. Where is our war hero??? Cheney & Bush  should be in a prison. Now the party of hate wants to put another Chickenhawk fool in office.



might as well link to the BUSH wiki site.  More info than I could ever provide!  Find it right here!


well this beats all How in the heck did I miss the



The doll should be shown in action, chasing.......tail, cocaine, alcohol and his Father's shadow     what a loser! bet he owns one of these! Bet he's drunk! On the Right hand of god.....BWAHAHAHAHA

They did not get the face right it needs either that smartass smirk that he has worn all his life or wide eyed and thinking shit I don't know WTF I am doing and America is under attack...think back folks 9-11-2001 about 9:05 A.M. Oh well you can only do so much with plastic. kind of like the leadership of the GOP


Another Memorial day another opportunity to reflect on our politicians. Why not staff the military so that EVERYONE gets to go you know everyone of age including especially including the politicians children, their Grandchildren their Nieces, their Nephews.  If they ( Chickenhawk liars) want to pull the trigger and invade a country to fight for oil or fight for a theory or fight for their legacy or fight for their ego or because they want to pretend they are macho


Bush is crawling back into the public light. Listening to NPR today hearing the stories of parents losing their children to war. A war based on a lie. I will always believe this war of choice was calculated to make this awful person look like a great decisive leader. Over 4000 dead to make him appear to be a heavy weight President.



The last year and half has seen the continued rise of the Reich wing ...The crazies on the right being further sucked in by the evil doings of conservative Republicans. I find it disturbing that they cry about Health Reform "how are we going to pay for it?" Where were all these cries when wars were waged using lies and a credit card. In Florida I have noticed that Republicans use the economic boom to lower taxes then when an economic collapse or recession comes along they cry about lack of money and use the recession as a reason to cut government especially public schools. Republicans have never seen a recession they did not love. They have the ultimate goal of destroying government and along with it the middle class.


I just wanted to post a great quote by Chris Matthews of Hardball. The group in the United States that most resembles the Taliban ironically is the Religious Right    got to love it and the sad part is if they had their way our country would have moral squads, stoning and flogging. Find it right here!  The great quote is in the last 10 seconds of the clip.


Obama wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I think that is OK. I do however think that once again the world is saying America you are back!!!!! Please, never again give the world a leader the likes of George W. Bush. I think the selection was definitely a repudiation of the awful Bush Administration. Watch the Reich wings nuts go crazy with this They just don't get it...The crazy conservatives  have nothing to offer.


It is difficult to keep the anti Bush rhetoric up. While hate can burn intense it is hard to sustain. I do feel my rage/indignation  turn away from Bush and more towards the wing nuts. The ones that listen to Reich wing radio or to their ultra conservative/ hellfire and brimstone Preachers or Ministers. These conservative folks that seem to comprise the Republican party seem comprised of the over religious and/or undereducated. I know that is simplistic and probably not entirely accurate but it is the way I see that party. They then find themselves on the national Mall protesting ...what? deficits, socialism, maybe the color of the President's skin. I don't know. I just ask where was all this outrage when George was using lies to start the trillion dollar war? Why all this feigned outrage over giving everyone health coverage? I feel kind of sad for our Country.

FWIW here is a link to the Atlantic. Providing  more on the Bush legacy Find it right here!


We have heard nothing from our ex president. I wonder if the scope of the malfeasance is dawning on him? There is still a possibility of investigations but I wonder if perhaps he is starting to realize that he surrounded himself with the worst of the worst. Advisors hell bent on an agenda that went terribly wrong. Could George just be plain embarrassed? I wonder if even he is thinking why are all these people outraged over giving everyone health coverage.. Where were they when I was approving torture and a war based on lies. What a screwed up country.


Paul Krugman weighs in on the Fiscal-legacy of our ex President. Find it right here!  WAR and TAX CUTS          


Patrick Leahy is holding up aid to Mexico because of Human Rights violations. He is accusing them of torture. Patrick hate to give you the news but.....WE TORTURE!!!!!  If we can do they can do it.


More on detainee abuse from Adm. Mike Mullen Find it right here!  The fearful administration was behind all this right up to the very top half dozen chicken hawks.  Making America proud. The shining star.


Think about it, the Obama administration most likely does not want an investigation of the Bush Administration because it would further divide the country. HOWEVER if the roles were reversed and there was even the slightest malfeasance on the part of the Obama Administration you bet the Repugs would be pounding their collective fists on the table demanding blood because they do not care about our country. OBAMA go after them, slap the smirks off the faces of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Yoo, Adington, Gonzales. They all put personal gain or belief or agenda ahead of the country. Like the Repugs wanting Obama to fail on healthcare because it would be a personal blow to Obama


listening to Fresh Air tonight I heard for the first time about the Dasht-e-Leili massacre in Afghanistan. The killing of  thousands of Taliban, perhaps with U.S. knowledge. The Bush Administration may have participated in a cover-up. People (Republicans) would be so inclined to say so?! It all goes back to America being the beacon of freedom and honor . Fresh Air story Find it right here! A web article on the massacre Find it right here!. The examples of dishonoring  America by the worst administration keep coming.

President Obama... please, please, please investigate this band of criminals. The awful administration of Death, Debt and Deceit. They dishonored America's good name.


So FINALLY the New York Times  is calling  for what the average, informed, progressive American has been demanding for years...INVESTIGATE the AWFUL, FEARFUL, WORST ADMINISTRATION. Investigate Investigate Investigate!!!! I wonder if there will be a inverse relationship to the bigger the chickenhawk the more whimpering, whining and carrying on that will occur. Find it right here!  Let's see what Bush, Cheney, Yoo, Adington, Gonzales, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and all the others knew, discussed and formulated. Here is the federal report on the Bush's Surveillance Program Find it right here! A 43 page PDF is there as well

I think something needs to be learned. I think that Bush actually could have addressed the American people in the months after 9/11 and said we need to bend the rules, this is what we want to do and we want your permission. I think the public would have gone for it with OVERSIGHT!!!! lessons need to be taught and learned.


This is quite a crew to be calling Sotomayor a racist or even implying racial bias Old White Men

The GOP    The small regional party of the south. The party of the over religious and/or the under educated.


I was on Huffingtonpost  and saw an article "George W. Bush Bashing Still Politically Potent" Find it right here! While reading it I found a link to The Center for Public Integrity   A compendium of Bush Administration failures (128 and counting).  Find it right here!


George is going to the town of Woodward, Oklahoma tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July with the town. The father of a fallen soldier has something to say about George and his visit.

Find it right here!     Original article ...Find it right here!


Once again I refer to this gem posted earlier in my rant but I like to kick it back up to the top now and then because to me it says it all.....A post by Tom Cleaver.Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"

Who will be left to run from the small southern regional party of the over religious and under educated in 2012??? Maybe this was the best they had!!


So the republicans think Obama is being soft on Iran. They call him a cream puff and weak. Let us remind ourselves of the record the Republicans have in regards to International relations. George puffing out his chest, rotating his arms forward to give the illusion of ready to fight and then proclaiming the "axis of evil " North Korea, Iran and Iraq. That was the high point everything else just didn't work out so well after that. While we went to war for lies, North Korea produced a few nuclear bombs. Iran elected a hardliner and started down the road to go nuclear. We all know how Iraq is turning out. Good job George! You used fear and war mongering very well. It is indeed, the one thing you are a success at! I think George Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the regional minority party should just shut up, go to church and pray for our country. Also they should be ready to take another loss in 2010. By the way what is it with the Republicans who preach about the sanctity of marriage...Senator Ensign, Senator Vitter shall I go on??? It seems like the louder they decry everyone else's shortcomings and tell everyone else how to live their life the more skeletons lurk in their own proverbial closet. 4 Days Later and we can add another "holier than thou" to the list of disgraced Republicans....Mark Sanford

Old white men who think they can just say anything and it will be so. The old white men are dying off or being outed.


Russia wants to reduce nukes...want to bet the Republicans will start the fear mongering and talking about how negotiation is akin to capitulation.  Republicans....the Southern Minority party of the over religious and under educated. Find it right here!


So Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has "won" the Iranian election. This sounds so familiar. Once again an evil party cheats and installs their hateful, fear mongering representative. Sound familiar??????? Wield, that fear sir, spew the nonsense that you are known for because maybe just maybe your country has to endure stupid and inane for another for years like we had to endure our own jackass for those 8 years. Maybe a country has to reach the deepest of lows before they demand change. Obama may not be getting everything right but it has been such a breath of fresh air to have a leader who is respectful, does not utilize fear mongering, is thoughtful and reflective. Maybe one day soon you will have such a leader. One can HOPE!


More on the legacy of the worst of the worst....The sea of debt   find it right here!  and from   Daily kos


Torture pushed by the private contractors. Torture pushed by private contractors hired by and working for the Bush administration. Torture pushed by private contractors that did not know what they were doing. HEY that sounds just like the fearful administration inside and out and top to bottom. "They didn't know what they were doing" Find it right here!  Just more confirmation that the fearful administration could not do one thing right and that the mantra  "privatization is the salvation of government" is another example of how wrong and awful the Republican platform is, was  and will always be.


The Bush Administration....corporate America's best friend. Not a single anti trust action during the 8 years of awfulness!!!  They were busy with wars started by lies. Busy with torture you know "American values" Find it right here!   and of course how well everything has worked out for the US economy!


Alzheimer's............ Did George W Bush waste 8 years with his lack of vision and monolithic ideology? He saved the stem cells. He doubted science. Did he do anything to advance the study of Alzheimer's???? Just asking (as maybe I missed something) Here is a small piece on Alzheimer's on NPR this morning.  Find It Right Here! This will be part of his legacy for better or worse. His awful legacy!


      New GOP mascot courtesy of Dailykos


There is no telling how this swine flu outbreak will end...pandemic...maybe.  One thing is clear, I cannot blame this on stupid and his administration. I am just so thankful that the jackass is not in charge with all his frat buddies and campaign donors managing the government!!!!!! Good Luck Barack Obama


Just more evidence for all those Republican lovers out there that the fearful administration and Riech wing nuts  are pathological liars. A FEW BAD APPLES!!!  Now we know what we already knew that chickenhawks would rather blame detainee abuse on our fearless and outstanding military personnel than own up to it. Republicans...the brand of shame! Find it right here!


"We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history"  Obama was talking about the sanctioning of torture. Find it right here! but of course I feel the years 2001 - 2008 was the dark and painful chapter of American history! Don't prosecute those following orders but please, prosecute those that formulated the policy.


We spent 8 years with an Administration more concerned about the welfare of stem cells, private mercenaries, spreading democracy (that worked out well) and the rich. While the whole world wasted.. Stupid, denied  scientific fact of global warming. So Antarctic Ice is melting and 8 years were lost. Find it right here! or Right here! Thanks George...You're a real hero!!! The  Republican core....over religious and under educated


Spanish court looking at  torture  by the Bush Administration...perhaps, eventually we could see some trials. Find it right here!  Wouldn't it be great to see justice served!


Today, with the Executive Order I am about to sign, we will bring the change that so many scientists and researchers; doctors and innovators; patients and loved ones have hoped for, and fought for, these past eight years: we will lift the ban on federal funding for promising embryonic stem cell research

I am also signing a Presidential Memorandum directing the head of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to develop a strategy for restoring scientific integrity to government decision making. To ensure that in this new Administration, we base our public policies on the soundest science; that we appoint scientific advisors based on their credentials and experience, not their politics or ideology.
Find it right here!

Go Obama!!! 8 years of a fearful Administration that put ideology ahead of the possibility of curing dreadful diseases. 

The Republican core (over religious and under educated) are going to be screaming. there are consequences to losing elections


In yet another example of how awful the fearful Bush Administration was in siding with Big Business... in this case liability of pharmaceutical companies.

Supporting Wyeth in the Supreme Court was the Bush administration, which in a sharp break with decades of FDA policy, is now siding with the pharmaceutical industry. Justice Ginsburg asked why the administration has changed positions, but got no answer from Deputy Solicitor General Edwin Kneedler.      The NPR story .....Find it right here!

The Bush Administration in one instance after another siding with big business and disrespecting the common people.       I am sure they stacked the SEC and Bond rating agencies as well that has now put us into the "Bush Recession"



So our EX fearful leader made a "jokey" visit to Elliot's hardware "looking for a job" Find it right here! Well all I can say is Elliot's hardware should be damn glad this guy was not serious because he has run every other venture including our country into the proverbial ground!   once again I refer to this.................... gem posted earlier in my rant but I like to kick it back up to the top now and then because to me it says it all.....A post by Tom Cleaver......."Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"


The Republicans are all up in arms about the Stimulus Bill. Where were they during the 8 years of George Bush??? George bush...starting wars and cutting taxes for the rich...quite a strategy!!!! When he was running huge deficits...not a peep from these same people.  The best thing that can happen to Republicans  is another huge loss at the polls in 2010

Republicans want Iraq to succeed and America to fail.....I found this post on dailykos good. Find it right here!


The worst of the worst administrations that keeps on giving...Missing weapons, AGAIN!! Maybe Michael  Brown or some Bush campaign donor or fraternity buddy of George was in charge of this Find it right here!  So now our children over there are going to be shot at by our own weapons....


I am so proud of Obama for reaching out to the Muslim world and using the word LISTEN!!! The strutting,  kick ass, fearful leader NEVER would have done this. It would have been seen as weak and we all know fearful leader was never weak...well maybe weak minded. The Republicans will be all over this spewing negativity.  To me it is absolutely the right thing to be doing!!! We will never resolve our differences with bullets. Obama's first interview...with Saudi TV station al-Arabiya  Find it right here! The actual interview is Right here!


I heard a story on NPR about how Global Warming is pretty much beyond the point where we can reverse it. Not sure losing 8 years would have made much difference but I wonder if God told him....not to worry about it. Remember he was yapping about how making adjustments to limit emissions WOULD HURT THE ECONOMY  glad the economy got through his administration unhurt.....thanks George. Find it right here! Nope not his fault.


The fearful EX administration makes it difficult to let go of this website/rant.  A hysterical Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen  proclaiming the end of life as we know it. I thought these guys just went on Republican welfare via think tanks after they became unemployed. He needs to just go away!!!! This interview was akin to screaming fire in a crowded theater when there is none. This is another example of  awful  tactics of the Republicans.    The Audio Interview from the BBC...   Find it right here!  not sure how long this audio will be accessible. The story from the Post  Find it right here! 


Just back from DC late tonight. How wonderful it is to have a new President! Time for this site to go into mothballs and time to move on! Here is a great satellite shot of the event Find it right here! I was in the mass right in front of the Washington Memorial.


NPR has another story on the Bush Legacy. In this story it seems NPR is giving Bush wiggle room casting much of the failure of this administration on Cheney.  I don't buy it. Fearful leader ultimately should be held responsible for all the failures. Dick is thinking "mission accomplished" and George is thinking "WTF happened" They are both real heroes. Find it right here!


Well it seems the coalition is starting to reveal their true feelings now that the fearful administration is folding. The question is why wait until the final few days to call a spade a spade. Smarter and more experienced folks thought terrorism should be placed under the name of criminal activity or breaking the law committed by criminals or law breakers rather than a war. The British had years of experience dealing with Northern Ireland. Fearful leader never listened. He liked using the words war on terror, wanted dead or alive, bring it on, evildoers and crusade. Never mind that  by using the phrase war on terror that in itself could be used as a galvanizer for all sorts of the discontented. From David Miliband....Find it right here!


How did I miss that the U.S. had found a 14 year old to be among the worst of the worst! Find it right here!  George and Dick and Alberto and Don are real heroes. I need to tell some of the 14 year olds I teach and see at my school how fortunate they are not to be imprisoned and tortured by Americans with values!


So Gaza continues to be dismantled and destroyed...I wonder how many innocents have been killed mean while there is just SILENCE from our fearful administration... as long as evil doers are being killed, collateral damage is acceptable. I am sure, George, our swaggering, strutting cowboy is just shrugging.


So fearful leader is giving his farewell speech Thursday night. Will anyone shed a tear of sadness?


What is this all about!!! Bush has no legacy to speak of in Africa in spite of his work to combat AIDS on that continent...probably sour grapes or a reporter with an axe to grind! Find it right here! The man is desperate for a legacy on something.


Bush just does not get it. There are many things I would like to say in regards to his LAST news conference...  For those interested, here is the transcript from the news conference. Find it right here!  I just have to add the "take" on his last news conference by BarbinMD  from DailyKos  Find it right here!


I noticed yesterday that during the practice Inauguration, they said the name George Walker Bush  but for the incoming President, they said Barack H. Obama. This disappoints me. I  do not know  who is making that decision but I am proud we have such a smart man with roots in Africa and upbringing in Indonesia. I think it speaks volumes that America elected this man at this time. With conservatives so fearful of anyone with any inkling of anything Middle Eastern-ness. I say, go for it. Say it loud and say it proudly and let's see if we can begin the healing of these very large wounds that have been inflicted on our world. For a brief audio story on the practice session Find it right here!


People are starting to apply the tag  "The Bush Recession" to the current economic downturn. The downturn will most likely last awhile into Obama's first term maybe longer. To go right along with this, a front page diary on DailyKos by Meteor Blades. He writes...Bush managed slightly less than 3 million (net) jobs created during his eight years in office. That's 375,000 jobs a year, the most pitiful record since 1939 when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started collecting the numbers. In the past 64 years, net job creation when Democrats were President totaled 57.5 million jobs. When a Republicans were, net job creation totaled 36.2 million jobs. But even that stark difference doesn't show the the whole picture. Republicans held the Presidency for 36 of those years, meaning they accounted for an average of just over 1 million jobs generated per year. The Democrats for just over 2 million jobs a year. That's right, average annual job creation under Democratic presidencies since 1944 has been twice as good as under Republicans. Is this correlation mere coincidence?  Find it right here!  Let's hope 10 years from now we are NOT referring to this downturn as Great Depression 2.0


I guess even Bush probably figured this would not be helpful, considering the state he has left the country and our world.  He has been very busy trying to spin his legacy. No last minute drive by shooting on Iran. Find it right here!


From CBS Sunday Morning   Bush legacy, History's First Draft...Find it right here!


I was listening to a story on NPR today and the person being interviewed was from a "think tank" and had a hint of arrogance in his voice. I looked up Think Tanks and Institutes here is something that could be informative and at least provide frame of reference the next time you hear an expert yammering on and on. From Wikipedia... Find it right here!


The opinion pieces on the Bush Legacy are continuing to come Find it right here! and  Find it right here!


From a post on the front page of DailyKos by SusanG

Our nation, under Bush:

WASHINGTON—The United States and its partners have shortchanged Afghanistan by focusing on short-term goals pursued without a cohesive strategy or a clear understanding of the way the poor, decentralized country works, an independent study concludes.

Here's what's striking about this statement: You can substitute nearly any issue handled by the Bush administration and this paragraph pretty much sums up everything that's gone wrong. Try it:

"The United States has shortchanged                 by focusing on short-term goals pursued without a cohesive strategy or a clear understanding of how                   works."

Emergency preparedness. Energy policy. Education. Environment. (And those are just the E's.) A link to the diary.  Find it right here!


To go right along with the legacy stories on NPR today, Fresh Air had a story on the Administration and its use of  TORTURE.   Having just finished listening to Fresh Air, this turned out to be a VERY compelling interview with Philippe Sands (author of Torture Team) and his thoughts on the possibility of members of the fearful administration being tried in International courts of law for violations of the Geneva Convention and violation of other International Laws. Definitely worth a listen! Find it right here!


NPR had a segment today on the Bush legacy. NPR will probably play nice and be very even handed....unlike this writer. ANYWAY  from Morning Edition  Find it right here! and from All Things Considered Find it right here!


With 2 weeks left in his administration they are trying to reverse 8 years of neglect...another republican strategy. Whatever,  give him some kind of credit for doing the right thing and HELPING the planet. Find it right here!


CRAP, I think we are in deep shit.  The Nobel winner in Economics is saying America is headed down the toilet. Find it right here!  I hate when they use the word depression.


To go right along with the PDF below I have another from The La Follette School of Public Affairs. this working paper discusses the trend towards making a government more aligned to the elected party's image. Got to love the statements on page 8...Basically, recommendations to George in 2001 by the Heritage Foundation  "Political appointees, personally loyal to the President and fully committed to his policy agenda, are essential to his success".   Also on page 8..... .The selection of appointees should be "based on loyalty first and expertise second, and that the whole governmental apparatus must be managed from this perspective"       I think you should link to this and at a minimum read page 8. What we have here is an incompetent President appointing equally incompetent but nevertheless loyal people to governmental positions...can you say Alberto Gonzales or Michael Brown. Oh I know there are many more....many, many, many more   Find it right here!


I would be remiss if I did not include a link to the little online booklet from the White House that details the accomplishments of the Bush administration  Find it right here!  It is a 52 page PDF....enjoy!


Credit to Jed L on DailyKos for this piece. Though I know I have talked about George's refusal to call the economic situation a recession (3-14-08)  I know it is Dailykos...I drank their kool aid a couple years ago. However a video is video! Find it right here!  


He is on top of this...He is a hero. Just empty rhetoric Find it right here!  Got to love the statement "By spending its resources on rocket launchers instead of roads and schools, Hamas has demonstrated that it has no intention of serving the Palestinian people" Damn the Hamas. No wonder George hates them!!!!! They took a page right out of the fearful administration playbook....spend your money on weaponry not on roads or schools.


Thank you BushCo for TSA and the fear factor! This is exactly why we have been safe for 7 years!!!! thank you, thank you!!!


To go right along with Paul Krugman's op-ed (found in the post below) here is another by Michael Kinsley about the fearful administration's claim that they are keeping us safe. Find it right here!


Paul Krugman had an op-ed in the NYT yesterday that basically aligns with my thinking, though he is so much more eloquent. I just write random thoughts. What I have said earlier....Republicans hate government. In fact it is my thinking that Republican administrations PURPOSELY run up large deficits to tie the hands of incoming Democratic administrations. Krugman's thoughts...Find it right here!


Like everything else about this President the "ranch" was a lie...trying to be one of the "working  folk", have a beer with me. I'm a cowboy. Everything is a lie....selling the ranch now that the charade is over.... Find it right here!


Past members of the administration are now starting to call themselves casualties of the war on terror!  I thought they were all Chickenhawks...excuse me! We now have real live casualties from the war on terror that were actually in the administration. Alberto Gonzales on being a victim. Find it right here!  Welcome to Bush World 2009 post administration....WE WERE THE VICTIMS!


2009 a NEW YEAR so.......It is time to kick this back up to the top as a new year resolution!!!!! This gem has been posted earlier in my rant but I like to kick it back up to the top now and then because to me it says it all.....A post by Tom Cleaver......."Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"


19 and a half days left!!!! Happy new year! Nowhere to go but up!


Found this on the web today and wanted to share it. A Hardball documentary "The Decider" Find it right here!


I know the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is very complicated and entrenched.  I think this whole Gaza Ghetto solution is just creating more terrorists out of ordinary Palestinians. Our fearful, ideological, globally hated administration  just cheers quietly on the sideline and gloats that evildoers are being killed. George shrugs and goes off to clear brush while families are dying. (He does this very well)  We can do better as a country. America used to be the beacon of hope and light for the world, maybe the Obama administration can lead us and the Middle East into a brighter future.


Let's lay this at the feet of our fearful administration as well...The number of homicides involving black youths — as victims and perpetrators — surged by more than 30 percent from 2002 to 2007, even as overall murder rates across the U.S. have been relatively stable, according to a study released Monday by researchers at Northeastern University. Why would I put this on the Bush team....the years involved 2002-2007.  I would suspect that this current administration would have cut funding for helpful programs.  If you are not an older wealthy Caucasian this administration would have no interest in you. I know I am really reaching on this but remember the track record for fearful leader and his team is not so good. Anyway read the story. Find it right here!


Like an ugly pus filled infection that has burst, the revelations keep coming. This time it has to do with OSHA regulations their disregard and manipulation. Find it right here!


Looks like Laura is drinking the kool-aid. Laura, just saying it, is not going to make it happen....you have to work for success....you can not alter this legacy no matter how much spin you put on it Find it right here!


Oops wrong again! Find it right here! "Dang, all my life I could tell em what I want and it sure as hell better happen...and it always did, thanks daddy!" George, your twisted, blue blooded upbringing  left you delusional......you only controlled those that were related to you or  worked for you and they put up with your shit because they HAD to! Just saying it, does not make it happen....you have to WORK for success.


So the Republicans love coal and nuclear...this is their energy policy. Lets not talk about renewable alternatives. We can just drill and dig our way out of our energy crisis! Maybe we could send each small thinking, short sighted Republican some of this...Find it right here!


Who would have thought!!! Finally something positive about the fearful administration. The expansion of health clinics during the last 8 years. Find it right here!


I am waiting for the Online January 2009  issue of Harpers Magazine detailing the cost of the Bush Presidency. DailyKos has a preview Find it right here!   "The $10 Trillion dollar hangover: Paying the Price for the Bush years."


Of course the White House does not like this story and is accusing the NYT of gross negligence. Believe me, this administration KNOWS gross negligence!!!!!!...so their accusation alone should convince you the story is true....remember this is the administration that can only do one thing well....lie! Everything else they touch is a major catastrophe! About that mortgage crisis... guess where a lot of the blame could lay.....Find it right here!


Science is back!!! Find it right here! This makes you realize how creepy and complete the choke hold by the Reich wing nuts has been on the fearful administration. It is like a breath of fresh air to know what is coming and how utterly ready everyone is for this current administration to simply go away.


Bush is considering a farewell speech on lessons learned. Could he please spare us. Looking through the Daily Kos take on this interview, Found here, I thought Mother Mags  gave a great comment of his c-span interview (found below).  Find it right here!

1st Premise: I was a wartime President
2nd Premise: War is very exhausting
Ergo: I am very exhausting.

He also said he was so sorry the economic turmoil was happening...I think he meant he was sorry that it did not wait to unfold until after his term, as it was designed to happen (by Republicans).


So fearful leader (George) does not want to dump a major catastrophe into the lap of the incoming President....Uh, George, if you had really wanted to avoid doing that, I suggest that you should have never taken office or at least resigned on September 12,  2001 because you and your administration were clearly out of your league. The entire country and everything you have put your hands on is a major catastrophe....except those stem cells, thank god you saved them!!! Find it right here!


Orderly bankruptcy...Or how to "Do-In" thousands of middle class Americans. While I do not know what the average union auto worker earns, I do know that this is more about Republicans destroying unions than about some Republican ideal of not interfering with free markets. Find it right here! I have become so jaded because of this Administration and the Republican party that I could NEVER believe that it is for the good of America. I have come to see the Republican mission  as one to destroy government and to destroy the middle class. Jaded and cynical


Bush says there can be no debate that he kept America safe...Personally I think we dodged bullets because of foreign countries and their clandestine intelligence gathering.  I think that we were not victims of terrorism  IN SPITE of the worst administration and their policies. Find it right here!


This gem has been posted earlier in my rant but I like to kick it back up to the top now and then because to me it says it all.....A post by Tom Cleaver......."Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"


Fearful leader was insulted during his last visit to Iraq...called a "dog". His reaction was that he just does not understand what was this guy's issue...but it looks like he wears size 10 shoes Find it right here!


It was only 100 billion, quit whining, it's hard work!! Find it right here!


Guess what!!! The few bad apples, were in the White House and at the Pentagon!!!!! Find it right here!  Of course it took the Senate panel 4 years to figure out what we knew from day 1


We are at the 10 year anniversary of Articles of Impeachment brought against Bill Clinton...it all seemed stupid and vindictive at the time. Now with our country in crisis, nothing is being contemplated against the real criminals...the worst of the worst. Well at least he has to live with his legacy. A  long life to you sir!


Think about the last 8 years, the drumbeat was and still is...."it will hurt the economy". Kyoto ...."it will hurt the economy". Increasing automobile mileage requirements..."it will hurt the economy" Allowing extraneous lawsuits ..."it will hurt the economy" I know there are more out there....maybe if I go out and clear some brush I will think of them!!! Oh I did find this gem .....Bush claims Kerry will hurt economy!!! Find it right here!  51% of idiot America bought that one!! He had a mandate. He had political capital. He's a hero. Thank you George. I am so thankful you kept the economy safe from all the evil doers!


Have not seen this on the MSM so we shall see if this is accurate...if it is, it just further reinforces the legacy  "worst of the worst". Who needs IED proof vehicles anyway!!!! You go to war with the vehicles you have, not with the vehicles you wish you had!!! Find it right here!


Bringing you a blast from the past....recall the summer of 2002 before the lies to go to war ..The fearful administration brought you the TIPS program (Terrorist Information and Prevention System) Ah yes, let's have a nation of spies and informers. It is hard to believe anyone voted for this guy and his ilk in 2004! TIPS Find it right here , Here and Here ....Nice...and he still thinks history will look kindly upon him! Stupid forgets the internet has a long and detailed  memory.


President Elect Obama make your first act as president the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020. Instead of spending a trillion dollars on Death and Destruction spend it on something that will create a whole new paradigm, be revolutionary and  you  WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


Having heard thoughts on our president claiming the war on AIDS in Africa as his legacy....well, I just have to point out that he may have helped prevent Africans of dying from AIDS but many are going on to die of  famine, disease and especially genocide. All of them preventable. It is kind of like saving embryos from abortion so that when they turn 18 you can march them off to die in a contrived war. This sounds harsh but may not be too far off the mark. It really does sound harsh........


The administration that just won't go away 

Via a post at the Daily Kos, More departing gifts from the Bush administration as it continues its long goodbye

Feds Set to Eliminate Water Regulations for Neurotoxin

By Brandon Keim

Among the Bush administration's final environmental legacies will be a decision to exempt perchlorate, a known neurotoxin found at unsafe levels in the drinking water of millions of Americans, from federal regulation. The ruling, proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in October, was supposed to be formalized on Monday. That deadline passed, but the agency expects to announce its decision by the year's end, before president-elect Barack Obama takes office. It could take years to reverse. Critics accuse the EPA of ignoring expert advice and basing their decision on an abstract model of perchlorate exposure, rather than existing human data.

Hard to believe that the same people who brought you a deregulated financial market based on a pie-in-the-sky model of supposed perfect capitalism would ignore expert advice in the environmental arena, isn't it? The abstract is always so much more appealing than the "existing human data." Find it right here and Here


Ok so it seems to me the regional party (basically in the South) known as the Republican party really do not want any part of an automotive bailout. Could it be because Honda, Toyota and a host of other FOREIGN manufacturers have sweet deals in their states and with the big 3 going under that will just sweeten the deal even more...Republicans..... the party that loves to hate and hurt


Even the generals think our fearful, chicken hawk leadership ruined America's legacy and they want it back! George is proud of his record on torture. Find it right here


So the fearful administration is going to work on their own version of the Bush Legacy....wonder how that will turn out????? find it right here.     Here is a HuffingtonPost piece that seems to sum up things well. Find it right here


More of the same from my favorite worst administration. This time dealing with the financial meltdown Find it right here


fearful leader on the presidency.....

In a Story Corp conversation which took place earlier in the week, Bush said ...

"been a fabulous experience to be president."

Unfortunately it's been horrible for the rest of us.    Find it right here.


Barbara Bush has Surgery for an ulcer......ummmm anyone have any idea why this woman would get an ulcer??? Does she have any stress or misgivings in her life...aside from an idiot son who has ruined America credibility wise and financially. Oh yes he screwed up the BUSH name so profoundly, so resolutely that Jebbie will never be the Prez as he was supposed to be. Which reminds me ...We can thank Lawton Chiles,  a beloved, wonderful and skillful politician who beat Jeb for governor in 1994. This kept Jeb from the governorship which if Jeb had won, he and not stupid would have won the Republican nomination for President in 2000. Being a Floridian I know how the scenario should have and would have been. Find it right here


Yesterday, our fearful leader on Iraq....

TOKYO (AFP) – US President George W. Bush believes the Iraq war was a success and is "very pleased" with what is happening there, he said in a pre-recorded interview broadcast on a Japanese television network Sunday. "I think the decision to remove Saddam Hussein was right," Bush told the Sunday Project programme of the private Asahi network. Saddam was an enemy of the United States and a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction, Bush said, adding "remarkable" progress had been made in Iraq since the late dictator was toppled in 2003."People have been able to take their troops out of Iraq because Iraq is becoming successful. I'm very pleased with what is taking place there now," he said, adding there still is "a lot of work" to be done.

Please remove this man from our life. Just let him open his "library". Please let him drink himself into a stupor for the rest of his life. Find it right here


A thought....I have a feeling the next year or two will see a resolution to the health care issue...maybe not a perfect resolution but at least the issue addressed and the road to resolution started. The reason for optimism?....Fearful administration gone, Republicans marginalized AND millions of jobs lost the last couple of years also results in millions of people losing health care (health care tied to employment) Maybe this could be stupids legacy....he screwed the economy up so badly that the silver lining was the institution of universal (not tied to employment) healthcare. I can see sick and dying people all across the county saying.....Thanks George, for being such a failure!


The worst of the worst  Salim Hamdan's (OBL's driver) is being released from Guantanamo to go back to Yemen. I think the worst of the worst should be in a jail cell. The worst of the worst should be made an example of!!! The "worst of the worst" ........George W. Bush


This gem has been posted earlier in my rant but I like to kick it back up to the top now and then because to me it says it all.....A post by Tom Cleaver found earlier in my rant sums it all up......."Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"


2 months into his administration we were treated to this news... U.S. to pull put of Kyoto accord. find it right here! I distinctly remember the disbelief and it has been an ugly, downhill, wingnut slide to near ruin for the next 8 years. Way to go Repugnants! nice choice  THE MAN SAID HE HAD A "MANDATE". lucky us.


As we get into the Obama administration and we begin to realize that stupid and his fearful administration has bankrupted the country and mired our country in doubling the national debt, we will begin to realize that Repugnants intentionally bind the hands of incoming Democratic administrations. We should still spend hundreds of billions, not just single digit billion spending to enable us to get off oil and  corner the market on renewable and alternative energies. Leading the world into an energy rich and dynamic 21st century. (8 years delayed)


The legacy continues to shred and fall apart because it was based on wingnut ideology..... 5 Detainees at Guantanamo were ordered released...

Even in a courtroom that was closed to the public and the press, and with the detainees allowed access to the proceedings only by telephone, the court could find no reason to hold these men. This decision makes it clear once again that even with presumptions in its favor, the government cannot muster the barest evidence in support of its arbitrary detentions. For seven years, the Bush administration sought to avoid the courts because it had no evidence and sought instead to create a lawless prison.

We must note that justice here, however, comes seven years too late. The restoration of habeas corpus is a great achievement, and what is necessary now is for the government to give up this charade, rescind the ‘enemy combatant’ labels slapped on recklessly by combatant status review tribunals and return the men at Guantanamo to their home countries or, for those needing resettlement or asylum, to a safe third country.

We hope a new administration makes restoring the lives of hundreds of men at Guantanamo who have never been charged with any crime or tried in a court of law a top priority. Guantánamo Bay is a failure by every measure and must be closed immediately.

What is Wingnut Ideology?...Only REAL Americans deserve habeas!  Americans that wear flag pins, go to a Christian church, belong to the Repugnant party, let me list more later!


Bush snubbed at G20...almost enough to make you feel for the guy EXCEPT he has lived by the sword...so.... also he has been a bully for 8 years. He has swaggered for 8 years. He richly deserves any and all humiliations that are dished out to him. Again what goes around comes around. You are either with us or against us Find it right here!


There was a discussion between Bill O'Rielly and Newt Gingrich text follows.....

GINGRICH: Look, I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence, to use harassment. I think it is prepared to use the government if it can get control of it. I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion. And I think if you believe in historic Christianity, you have to confront the fact. And, frank -- for that matter, if you believe in the historic version of Islam or the historic version of Judaism, you have to confront the reality that these secular extremists are determined to impose on you acceptance of a series of values that are antithetical, they're the opposite, of what you're taught in Sunday school.

Gingrich, he of the multiple wives, multiple affairs, the divorce papers as his first wife recovered from cancer, yadda yadda yadda, is now going to talk about "Sunday school"? Yup, homeboy wants to move up, and he has to play the Palin/Huckabee/Dobson game in order to bring the crazies along.

Of course, the GOP's big problem remains. They've demonized gays, blacks, Latinos, immigrants, Asians, northeasterners, Californians, San Franciscans, people in Hollywood, Muslims, atheists, latte sippers, Volvo drivers, arugula eaters, city dwellers, youngsters, and women. Find it right here!

So here are the Repugnants still worrying about gays,  immigrants, stem cells and abortion and the sad fact is the populace has moved on to issues like health care....renewable energy, global warming and the Economy... keep up the good work GOP see you at the polls in 2010!!



Nicolas Sarkozy saved the President of Georgia from being hanged  — a threat made last summer by Vladimir Putin, according to an account that emerged yesterday from the Élysée Palace. . . .The Russian seemed unconcerned by international reaction. "I am going to hang Saakashvili "  Putin declared. Sarkozy thought he had misheard. "Hang him?" — he asked. "Why not?" Putin replied. "The Americans hanged Saddam Hussein."  Sarkozy, using the familiar tu, tried to reason with him: "Yes but do you want to end up like  Bush?" Putin was briefly lost for words, then said: "Ah -- you have scored a point there."     Find it right here

In other words, Bush has unwittingly left us with a new way to insult people.  "Don't pull a Bush."


President Elect Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020. Instead of spending a trillion dollars on Death and Destruction spend it on something that will create a whole new paradigm, be revolutionary and  you WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


At the meeting of Governors in Miami, there was discussion about the how Republicans needed to reach out to the young through the use of networking and the internet  ...excuse me the reason Obama struck a nerve with the young was because of something bigger than the internet.......it was the  MESSAGE!!!

Please, please, please.... Republicans please nominate Palin or Gingrich or Huckabee in 2012 and talk about Dinosaurs and people coexisting at the beginning of the earth. Talk about the need to drill. Talk about outlawing the gay lifestyle.  Drum the mantra of limiting abortion...you all will do just fine in 2012 and beyond. My heroes! Similar thoughts Find it right here


love this logo! am going wear it proudly on 1-20-2009 in D.C.



OH NO!  It looks like fearful leader is going to lose his only shining moment of legacy.....It is rumored that Obama will reverse the ban on stem cell research


President Elect Obama...look closely at the fearful administration and  learn lessons....... walk softly, do unto others, value all human life, be upfront and honest with the citizenry,  build consensus, talk with you those that wish us ill will,  play fair, surround yourself with the best and the brightest, encourage debate within your administration before deciding, make America the shining beacon of the world that it once was, close Guantanamo, get the U.S. off oil and away from beholding to foreign nations,   In theory you could look at the worst administration and just do the opposite and you will probably be OK!



George W. Bush......assist the healing....do the right thing......make your last 76 days a thing for you to be proud of, assist our new President in the transition of power. Please do not continue to play the fool or engage in activities or crusades that will further harm our country and  its reputation!  Oh...... then please go away....go very far away.


 President Elect Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020. Instead of spending a trillion dollars on Death and Destruction spend it on something that will create a whole new paradigm, be revolutionary and  you, WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


I think it is meant to be. While the Repugnants have no one to blame but themselves for the mess this country is in, Obama, winning tonight, I think is equivalent to someone watching out for our country. WHY? because where else but in America can you go from a hateful, fear mongering administration that purposefully is divisive and mean spirited and go to a black man with the middle name Hussein....to hopefully undo all of what fearful leader and his administration has wrought upon our country!!!!!!


OK here is the data on gasoline prices for 2008 and 2006  and 2007



Both charts show the dramatic drop during the summer and continuing through to the election!!!!!

now what about 2007????????

A somewhat different pattern....why??? Maybe NO ELECTION? I don't know but yes I do think oil companies could manipulate the price trying to help their Repugnant friends


Mr. Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020. Instead of spending a trillion dollars on Death and Destruction spend it on something that will create a whole new paradigm, be revolutionary and like you, WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


The Repugnant party seems to be proud of the hate and division they stir up at rallies. Rep. Bachmann talking like the McCarthy of 50 years ago. Palin talking almost exclusively about Obama's relationship with terrorists. Repugnants talking about real Americans love god and liberals are not real Americans. Talk about hate and division!!! Does idiot America not see this ruse?  They have nothing of substance to offer America so they use fear as a method to garner support. It is so fearful administration to utilize fear....four more years...of fear? There is still a week left in October, but fearful leader is in bed humiliated, depressed and drunk. He's like Marlon Brando, saying "I coulda been somebody" sorry fearful leader you hitched your wagon to a doomed philosophy and Ideology. You lose, you lost.....worst president, worst person in history.  No October surprise could redeem what you have brought upon the world.


Colin Powell made this wonderful remark on meet the press....

 "members of the party say, and it is permitted to be said. Such things as 'Well you know that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.' Well the correct answer is 'He is not a Muslim, he's a Christian, he's always been a Christian.' But the really right answer is 'What if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country?' The answer is 'No. That's not America.' Is there something wrong with some 7-year old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she can be president? Yet I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion he's a Muslim and he might be associated with terrorists. This is not the way we should be doing it in America.

"I feel strongly about this particular point because of a picture I saw in a magazine. It was a photo-essay about troops who were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. And one picture at the tail end of this photo essay was of a mother in Arlington Cemetery and she had her head on the headstone of her son's grave. And as the picture focused in you can see the writing on the headstone. And it gave his awards, Purple Heart, Bronze Star, showed that he died in Iraq, gave his date of birth, date of death. He was 20 years old. And then at the very top of the headstone, it didn't have a Christian cross, it didn't have a Star of David. It had a crescent and a star of the Islamic faith. And his name was Karim Rashad Sultan Khan. And he was an American, he was born in New Jersey, he was 14 at the time of 9/11 and he waited until he could go serve his country and he gave his life."  Find it right here

Fearful leader...fearful administration...Idiot America, The Reich Wing continues to use Muslims as the boogie man, trying to instill fear, trying to divide, trying to foster hate and division. That is why I could never support a member of the Repugnant party


Mr. Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020. Instead of spending a trillion dollars on Death and Destruction spend it on something that, like you, WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!


saw this comment on SFgate and thought this guy is right!!!!!

It's not even a question as to whether Bush is the worst President in US history. Out of the 43 we've had, he is far and away the worst.
I think the real debate is GWB the worst PERSON in US history? There's some bad characters, Klan leaders, racist politicians, lynchers and the like, but none had  the devastating effect that GWB has had on the entire nation and the world.
I would put GWB up at the top of this list
Posted By: Grant_X | October 15 2008 at 10:33 AM        Enough said!!!!          Find it right here



Maybe one day in the not too distant future some of the fearful administration's worst of the worst (Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Gonzalez, Addington, Stupid himself...take your pick) will take a trip overseas and...........Pinochet principle can you say......War criminal, The Hague,


Referring back to my post of 9-24-08 "I need to find some charts correlating  deficits and administrations" well, while I do not have charts, I do have some data. Courtesy of a post by Meteor Blades on Daily Kos. Find it right here

National Debt When Jimmy Carter

...arrived at the White House:$660 billion.

Added during Carter's four years: $337 billion.

Added during Ronald Reagan's eight years: $1.6 trillion.

Added during George H. W. Bush's four years: $1.6 trillion.

Added during Bill Clinton's eight years: $1.5 trillion.

Added during George W. Bush's seven years, nine months: $4.5 trillion.

Portion of the $9.5 trillion added to the national debt during the past 31 years and seven months that came during Republican presidencies: $7.7 trillion.

Percentage of that $7.7 trillion added during George W. Bush's two terms: 58%.

Could somebody explain again what "fiscal conservative" means?



                   The chart about says it all....23%


Mr. Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND, SOLAR and TIDAL) within 10 years or before the year 2020.


Oh my,  fearful leader talks about not going it alone. STORY Using terms such as "interconnected" and "in it together". he is such a clown ...but ask him what mistakes he has made he will genuinely look dumbfounded to find an answer. Yet it is present in his latest words "interconnected". But of course it is too late for 5000 of our children. .It is too late for hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's. It is too late for our financial future. He did not care. He does not care. He is a Repugnant. He will have his daddy's money why should he care. It is time to break the back of neo-cons, evangelicals and other Reich wing nuts. It is time to punish every Repugnant at the polls and  take veto and filibuster proof control of the house and Senate.

On a similar vein....Fearful leader relieved his reign of blessed ignorance and destruction is almost finished...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


So perhaps Fearful leader, his fearful administration and the Repugnants have succeeded in destroying the middle class.  401ks, 403Bs and  IRAs all decimated. Now they have us where they want us. Next they steal the election and finish the job of destroying the middle class through McSame. Personally I think what they have done to our country will actually create many more  Bill Ayers and weatherman underground type organizations. When the ordinary populace are desperate and passionate enough to rise up. The people that enabled and participated in the rape and murder of the middle class will......what? all flee to Paraguay with their fearful leader?


Awwwwwwww stupid wants us to be patient so WE DON'T WASTE TAX PAYER MONEY. I am so glad that he is so genuinely concerned about my money...he is a real hero.

By the way I have a scoop on John McSame's Iraqi war Strategy....STRATEGY


I just have to post an excerpt from Obama's Ashville N.C. speech today...He is sooooooooo good!!!

Obama also pulled no punches in Asheville, North Carolina, today either. He went directly for the jugular on the McCain campaign's desire to turn the page from focusing on the dismal economy. Excerpts from his speech today as provided by the Obama campaign:

With just a month to go until election day, I know you’ve all been hearing a lot about politics out here in North Carolina. I know you’ve been seeing a lot of ads, and getting a lot of calls, and reading a lot about this election in the newspaper.

But none of you need the papers, or ads on TV, or folks like me to tell you what this election is all about. You know what’s at stake. You’re living it.

Here in Asheville, and across America, you’ve seen your incomes go down as the price of just about everything has gone way up. It’s harder to pay the bills. Harder to send your kids to college. Harder to save enough to retire.

And on Friday, we learned that we’d lost another 159,000 American jobs in September. It was the ninth straight month of job losses – more than three quarters of a million this year, including 24,000 here in North Carolina. And it came just as we finished a week in which our financial markets teetered on the brink of disaster.

Yet instead of addressing these crises, Senator McCain’s campaign has announced that they plan to turn the page on the discussion about our economy and spend the final weeks of this campaign launching Swiftboat-style attacks on me.

Think about that for a second. Turn the page on the economy? We’re facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and John McCain wants us to "turn the page?" Well, I know the policies he’s supported these past eight years and wants to continue are pretty hard to defend. I can understand why Senator McCain would want to "turn the page" and ignore this economy.

But I also know this:

You’re trying to pay your bills every week and stay above the water – you can’t ignore it.

You’re worrying about whether your job will be there a month from now – you can’t ignore it.

You’re worrying about whether you can pay your mortgage and stay in your house – you can’t turn the page.

In 30 days you are going to elect the next president, and you need and deserve a president who is going to wake up every day and fight for you, and fight for the middle class, and fight to create jobs and grow our economy again -- not another president who doesn’t get it. Not another President who ignores our problems. Not more of the same.

Senator McCain and his operatives are gambling that he can distract you with smears rather than talk to you about substance. They’d rather try to tear our campaign down than lift this country up. It’s what you do when you’re out of touch, out of ideas, and running out of time.

I want you to know that I’m going to keep on talking about the issues that matter – about the economy and health care and education and energy. I’m going to keep on standing up for hard working families. We’re not going to let John McCain distract us from what we need to do to move this country forward.

Because November 4th, you and I are going to turn the page on the disastrous economic policies of George W. Bush and John McCain.



Drill Baby, Drill...politicians are so dumb...Ike's impact. .Find it right here.


Listening to the BBC this morning I learn that the senior British Commander (Mark Carlton Smith)  in Afghanistan says a military solution will not work, that we must bring in the Taliban into negotiation. What would fearful warrior say to this?? He would scoff.  He would fire the bastard. He would reference his hero David Patraus. Fearful leader would rather throw more of our children in harms way than to listen to reason and  after all he is the DECIDER, the chicken hawk who used to swagger. No he will not even respond to this call he is too humiliated as he has nothing. I bet he does not even address this call. He will leave that to his genetic mutant twin John McSame. McSame knows how to win wars. He knows, because he has been there. He wants our children to be there 100 years. With fewer Repugnants in the House and Senate and Obama in office maybe we can do in 2009 and 2010 what we should have been doing in 2002 and 2003 TALKING not SWAGGERING  and talking about..... "bringing it on"...."wanted dead or alive" ..."you're with us or against us". This whole Repugnant, neocon, born again, self righteous bullshit has come back to help move our country to the brink of such a weakened state even Russia laughs at us While I never try to use his name, all I can say is "thanks a lot George". I hope you live another 62 years so you can live everyday knowing you were the worst president ever.


So European banks are now starting to fail, thanks again to the greed of the American mortgage/wall street,  lack of regulation, repugnant policies. How can they say thanks to Stupid and his Repugnant cronies in ....French, German and a few other old Europe, languages? What did Cheney call them? "Old Europe" bet "Old Europe" just loves our reckless, careless, fearful, chicken hawk, war mongering administration even more now, that American values are starting to sink their "Old Europe" economies.

Shifting gears to the the positive and good for our country......

Mr. Obama make your first act, the funding of a Manhattan type project that will take our country off oil and onto renewable sources (WIND and SOLAR) within 10 years or before the year 2020.


The swagger is gone. The smirk has left his face. He can barely construct a sentence with any confidence or  enthusiasm. The legacy has been burned into his brain. LET THIS BE A LESSON MR. OBAMA!  walk softly, do unto others, value all human life, build consensus, play fair, surround yourself with the best and the brightest, encourage debate within your administration before deciding, make America the shining beacon of the world that it once was, close Guantanamo, get the U.S. off oil and away from beholding to foreign nations,   In theory you could look at the worst administration and just do the opposite and you will probably be OK!


So is this (the economic collapse)  the beginning of stupid's October surprise??? Stupid probably had something up his sleeve( A drive by shooting  of Iran's nuclear facilities)  but the tanking of the economy was probably not what he had in mind!!! Too bad.  When economic times are tough.....start a war...How about it? oops already done that.

Could this economic collapse of the middle and lower middle class be a planned event by the Repugnants???? think about it, they hate anyone who is not of their class ...they hate anyone who is not rich. Their whole mantra enables big business to get richer and richer and screw the working man.  They are probably LAUGHING at us all, as we struggle to make ends meet, work two jobs, maybe find ourselves homeless...It all could be part of a strategy


A new and better writer has been added to the rant with a more professional Wordpress look. I think in the end the original website will most likely go static either in 2009 or 2010. That would all depend on revelations or investigations that occur after stupid leaves office. We will not accept "Dick Cheney made me do it" as a reason for all the miserable failures of this administration.


I was re-reading my last post and started thinking that many people who stumble across my little rant would think of me as harsh. I call the President, stupid and America, idiot America and it is harsh and all I can say is this post by Tom Cleaver earlier in my rant sums it all up......."Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office"      He has spent his life as a fortunate son, but a loser. college...business everything and the repugnants fall for his born again BS and enable him to cheat and lie to the office of the presidency. McCain....same thing almost last in his class at the Academy. While at the Academy he belongs to some loser/ troublemaking clique. Then marries into wealth and status. He goes with his gut feeling no matter what the cost or outcome and what do the repugnants do????? The same thing they did for stupid....try to foist him on our country. The worst part, IDIOT AMERICA will probably swallow it hook line and sinker

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." -- Sinclair Lewis


Did you see Georges' speech last night ..like he was trying really hard to be serious ("don't smirk, don't smirk, don't smirk") and trying to pretend he cares.


After hearing an interview with Thomas Frank author of the Wrecking Crew it made me reflect on maybe just maybe the Repugnant's goal is to bankrupt government . Who ran up monstrous deficits  Reagan, Bush and now stupid...why????    Maybe because the cornerstone of the Republican philosophy is less government and perhaps that has morphed into NO government. They hate government, so what better way to destroy it than to run up deficits. This also handcuffs any Democrat administration. This is exactly what  Reagan/Bush did to Clinton.  Now stupid and his reich wing nuts are doing it again. Idiot America...we could do so much with the money we have and the only things repugnants can come up with is lies for war and lies to enrich their friends on Wall Street and Big oil. I need to find some charts correlating  deficits and administrations



Why is idiot America all up in arms over a 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street??? Stupid's war is going to cost us way more than that!! (can you say TRILLION) Which again begs the question ..."why did we invade Iraq?"  A country (of the axis of evil) that DID NOT have weapons of mass destruction. Why did we not invade North Korea...with its million man army we could have had 50,000 dead but it at least would have not been a lie...THEY DO have weapons of mass destruction



Listening to the news tonight they were talking about the last government bail out in 1989. that was the S&L bailout. Think about it ....who was in the Whitehouse the previous 8 years before the 1989 bailout....from 1981 to 1989...a Repugnant (R.R.). Who has been in the Whitehouse the previous 8 years before the latest bailout a Repugnant (stupid) So why does idiot America not see a correlation here....... Repugnants and their free market philosophy and their trust in the private sector seems to have a few bugs in it. The bigger scandal is The financial industry takes advantage of Americans then are bailed out by the American taxpayer...so much for the private sector  and limited government regulation   REPUGNANTS = FAILURE


Jon McSame...on Monday..."the fundamentals of our economy are strong"  REALLY???



OK so now my 403B is down by almost 30% but I am so glad this is happening on stupid's watch and not Obama's. It all just adds to the brilliant legacy of the worst president ever...no more swagger, he does not even make commentaries or appearances...which is fine by me. I was so sick of his smart ass attitude, his frat boy mentality...and guess what!?  John McSame at the academy...he ranked 893 out of 899 graduates or some such awful performance plus he formed some kind of "bad boy" group...just what our country needs another smart ass type who is not too smart and makes decisions by his gut feeling...it has worked so well for 8 years and idiot America will probably vote for 4 more years.



It seems fearful leader has been laying low. Of course, would you not also hang your head in shame when on your watch....The running up of trillions in debt, stock market tanking, gas over 4.00 a gallon. The trashing  of the constitution. Over 4000 dead for a lie. The torturing of people who may be innocent, their only crime being turned in by bounty hunters. Ignoring scientists and their data   he is a real hero...he saved the stem cells....might need them for the next Republican induced war.

speaking of gas prices are we not seeing a repeat of this little goodie from the summer and fall of 2006

A peak about the first week of August of 2006 to fall steadily until the third week of October lasting through the first week of November (election day). then a slight upward drift until the last week of December. It drops through January until it reaches its lowest point ...the forth  week of January, then nothing but up, up, up, until......summer of 2008.  I will post the 2008 graph in a couple weeks......frighteningly similar!!!!


The thought of a McCain/ Palin victory has me ill. 8 years of lies and what do we get from the Repugnants...campaign lies...Idiot America wants more lies. They don't want the truth. They want to always to  be able to go to the mall, nothing else matters. McCain says he goes with decisions from the gut. Great more of the same!!



Saw a commentary on Pravda online  Enough Mr. Bush The Russians don't want to hear from stupid either....he has nothing to say!



So stupid thinks it is wrong to invade a sovereign nation...well imagine that...At least they did not have to travel half way around the globe to pick their country to invade. SEE he lost his ability or right to have anything to say on this subject. he squandered everything for an ideology. Do you think he can hear everyone laughing when he talks about a nation's sovereignty. He is such a loser.




I have been thinking about Salim Hamdan's (OBL's driver) verdict and sentence at Guantanamo.  Guantanamo where  the worst of the worst are harbored, where many have languished for years. Many were turned in as terrorists for bounty. With no Writ of Habeas Corpus to challenge their detention. A fine situation created by our fearful leader and fearful administration. So the Judge and Jury sentence him to 5 and a half years with credit for time served. Many of these worst of the worst have been released and now they cannot even convince a court that they are indeed threats to America. This is stupid's continuing legacy... fear, stupidity and disregard for rule of law. I think the sentence was a form of dope slap to this ugly Administration. I am so looking forward to Hamdan's end of sentence and see stupid squirm as he is confronted with releasing the worst of the worst 2 weeks before he surrenders the Presidency to Barack Obama. Do I think Hamdan is a terrorist?...I don't know, but if he wasn't, he will probably become one.


Stupid is telling China to stop violating human rights!!!???!!! I would revoke his VISA. This man should have nothing to say on anything. I hope after January 20th 2009 WE NEVER HEAR FROM HIM AGAIN.....EVER!!!!!

Regarding post 1/20/2009  I have registered the domain name  www.BushCheneyInc.com a parody of a post fearful administration consulting company....stay tuned!


Someone made a post on Dailykos of an editorial from the Pensacola News Journal here is the letter

McMain is the right man

We have an easy choice to make for our next president. George W. Bush has done an outstanding job running our country, along with the support of the Republican Congress and Senate, except for the past year and a half. We are certainly much better off than we were when President Clinton left office. Sen. John McCain will carry on most of our president's policies and I hope Republicans can regain the House and Senate. I know many think McCain is too old for the job, but he is a war hero. He will also support the repeal of Roe vs. Wade. I hope you will disregard the small mistakes Sen. McCain makes in stating facts and positions. I am his age and I have difficulty remembering many things, and don't have the energy I used to have, but he will have the benefit of many of President Bush's excellent advisors. McCain will also keep us in Iraq and not leave like the cut-and-run Democrats want. Also, let's keep the tax cuts for the wealthy because they employ us. Vote McCain and keep our country on the road of progress established by our president.

— Ralph Hendel


Personally I think it is satire, but it does make me laugh. If true, how can we as people 100 miles apart see things so differently/ There is no hope!




I changed up my website just a bit today...making the top post  the most current. Essentially reversing the order of the posts. I doubt many people scroll through my thoughts and rants so posting my current thoughts at the top of the page may be helpful. I have been thinking....what becomes of the site after 01/20/2009 ??? Perhaps I could make the home page a compendium of all the highlights of the Fearful leader era (ERROR)




What is happening to John McSame...talk about hateful language maybe the reality of a democratic sweep this November is driving him to extremes or perhaps he is old and losing it



The Dems want to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve....What is that going to do for us???? Why do we have such worthless representation???


So Obama goes to Berlin ...looks presidential, delivers a speech to 200,000 people McCain blasts him for being presumptuous. He is such a breath of fresh air from the fearful leader.



I was thinking with the passage of the FISA bill today which will shield telecoms and was something fearful leader and his fearful administration wanted....BADLY The Democrats handed it to the Repugnantcans. So what if we were to start a really huge movement here we had hundreds of thousands of people making a phone call or sending an email a day each one of them incorporating 10-15 alarm words .... airplane, package, Mohammed, plan, building, dirty, launch, bomb, meeting, and on and on and on....so it goes...can't you see the alarms ringing at NSA!!!!!! Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of phone calls and emails every day.


So stupid is telling Japan that he will not let the North Korean's forget about the kidnapping of Japanese citizens from 30 years ago........ahhhhhhhhh don't you think you have more pressing issues??????? The world is going to hell and you worry about stem cells and people kidnapped 30-40 years ago???? No wonder he is the most despised leader on Earth (IMHO)


So the Repugnantcans are calling BHO a flip flopper. I think Barack responded something to the effect of he will allow himself the prerogative to reposition himself on issues as he learns more about the issue. they should really turn this around on Bush and McSame by pointing out that when fearful leader has been proven on the wrong side of an issue or things go terribly wrong FEARFUL LEADER REFUSES TO ADMIT ERROR AND REVIEW AND REPOSITION. This attitude of I have decided and that is going to be the way it is has been nothing but a disaster....no wonder stupid could not run a company let alone a country


I just heard on the BBC that Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has declared that he is sweeping towards re-election. Fearful leader is one of many outraged leaders around the world calling the election a farce and a sham. I started thinking is there really that much difference between Mugabe's actions and fearful leader???? Both ignore the wishes of the people. They ignore what other world leaders think. They both abuse people...Mugabe does it outright with sticks and swords fearful leader does it through subterfuge, stealth, lies and deceit but both abuse and disregard the citizenry. Both have rigged elections. Again Mugabe does it through violence . Fearful leader does it through deceit and through the corrupting of others and using fear questioning patriotism. in the end fearful leader is much more dangerous.


I found this retro Gumby flag pin perfect for a President with a sense of humor and glib attitude



I thought this post on dailykos was thoughtful, insightful and well written




 And just what is the significance of the symbol that a young Barack Obama is wearing,,,,has nothing been written about this. Has the Reich Wing not seized on this and linked it to some Muslim conspiracy?????




A link to my profile on the Obama page   HERE

While my blog can be a disjointed rant,  here is a link to a fellow Obama supporter's well written thoughtful blog Return To Normality



Looks like hilLIARy is going to perhaps withdrawal from the race maybe as early as tomorrow.  I think Obama could put one or both Clintons to work in his administration....NOT AS VP!!!!!!

Now it is time to come together!! I am going to start donating money and volunteering at the local Obama office (as soon as it opens). I cannot imagine that Obama is going to do any thing other than crush McSame

FWIW     I found that my blog has been referenced for the first time on another blog...HERE

you have to put your cursor over the words    particular brand



Been keeping track of the delegate count on Dailykos and what I have noticed over the last two weeks is the daily trickle to Obama. Some Superdelegates are switching. Some Superdelagates are making their initial choice.  Pledged delegates keep showing up onto Obama's total. The trickle is really not being reported but it is there. I will put the daily count on the election 2008 page




saw this Quote on the web sums up my feelings as well!!!!

"Not only do I want an elite president,
I want someone who's embarrassingly superior to me."

-- Jon Stewart, 4/15/08

I don't want someone that I would like to have a beer with. I want someone that will pick the best and the brightest to run agencies. I want someone that will have some advisers that think outside the box. I want someone that will talk with our enemies. I want someone that will increase  taxes to dig us out of this hole and convince Americans it is the right thing to do. I want someone that will admit mistakes. I want someone that will not always be on message. I want someone that will not always be spinning the message. I want someone that will always try to do the right thing. I want someone that will deliver 500,000,000 million dollars in aid instead of 500,000 with no conditions attached. I want someone that will not lecture other countries but set an example instead. I want someone to reinstitute the draft. I want someone that will move our country into the lead in cornering the renewable energy markets. Someone who is a thinker and reflects.


Another   FAILURE    Bush grovels to the Saudis to pump more oil....they say    NO!!!!!

I remember fearful leader Harping about Clinton not Jawboning the Saudis...He would jawbone them to pump more or lower prices






Googled Bush lies and got a quote I liked from HERE (Bushwatch.com)

In the Bush administration "the negation of truth is so systematic. Dishonest accounting, willful scientific illiteracy, bowdlerized federal fact sheets, payola paid to putative journalists, 'news' networks run by right-wing apparatchiks, think tanks devoted to propaganda rather than thought, the purging of intelligence gatherers and experts throughout the bureaucracy whose findings might refute the party line -- this is the machinery of mendacity...The point here is not the hypocrisy involved, though that is egregious. The point is the downgrading of truth and honesty from principles with universal meaning to partisan weapons to be sheathed or drawn as necessary. No wonder the Bush administration feels no compunction to honor the truth or seek it; it conceives truth as a tactic, valuable only insofar as it is useful against one's ene



Heard THIS story today on ATC on NPR. Once again here is MAYBE a possible opening to talk....just to talk. The fearful administration can't....won't whatever

Also I was thinking with summer coming we are going to start seeing the flood of books by people who were with the fearful administration. As we go past the election the flood should turn into a tsunami I need to make a list. Stupid is going to wish that he treated people better


What a great speech Obama gave in N.C. gave after his victory!!! It's over hilLIARy



I am not a fan of Burma's government but I find it ironic that the fearful administration will lecture them on response to a natural disaster...."heck of a job Brownie" out clearing brush oblivious to bodies floating in water in NOLA. Where do we get off lecturing other countries....that's right fearful leader is at the pulpit, being self righteous....chastising others.....judging,  while he sleeps with the church secretary. it seems to me that we could get past conditions and lectures and just inundate the PEOPLE with help and assistance while fearful leader calculates ways to spread righteousness and morality and Democracy. One thing you can say about fearful leader he is consistent ....consistent in his inability to care about the human condition



I heard on the BBC that fearful leader made a remark where he blamed rising food prices on the new and growing middle class in India and their move towards higher quality food. Yes lets blame people in other countries. How many more months??? days???



Ok so tonight I listen to NBC evening news...two stories caught my ear.

Fearful administration offers 250,000 in aid to the cyclone devastated Burma wow  A QUARTER OF A MILLION.  Our geniuses still do not know how to use the carrot and they had to send that sad first lady to do the administrations bidding.


They are building a wall around Sadr city neighborhood of Baghdad. I guess to keep insurgents in. who knows, again with the walls If it was not so sad especially the 250,000 in aid it would be funny God has got to be proud of fearful leader.






So McSame and hilLIARy want to pander to idiot America eliminating the 18 cent a gallon Federal tax which would save 5% on a fillup Only Obama will call it what it is........a "gimmick"




Last night I had heard that Clinton had an ad on in Pennsylvania that featured Osama Bin Laden. That is soooooooooooo fearful leader.

makes me sure without doubt



Speaking of Fearful leader he was in NOLA and once again he said this is not a recession it is just a slow down



looks like Fearful leaders plan to use Paraguay, as a last resort, escape prosecution from war crimes plan just came to an end....Paraguay just booted out the corrupt party that has been in power for 61 years. His world is crumbling. deservedly so!!!



A Harpers article on a poll of historians... here  WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

Here is another link to the same story ...  Here

Here are some of the comments that the historians furnished:

“No individual president can compare to the second Bush,” wrote one. “Glib, contemptuous, ignorant, incurious, a dupe of anyone who humors his deluded belief in his heroic self, he has bankrupted the country with his disastrous war and his tax breaks for the rich, trampled on the Bill of Rights, appointed foxes in every henhouse, compounded the terrorist threat, turned a blind eye to torture and corruption and a looming ecological disaster, and squandered the rest of the world’s goodwill. In short, no other president’s faults have had so deleterious an effect on not only the country but the world at large.”

“With his unprovoked and disastrous war of aggression in Iraq and his monstrous deficits, Bush has set this country on a course that will take decades to correct,” said another historian. “When future historians look back to identify the moment at which the United States began to lose its position of world leadership, they will point—rightly—to the Bush presidency. Thanks to his policies, it is now easy to see America losing out to its competitors in any number of areas: China is rapidly becoming the manufacturing powerhouse of the next century, India the high tech and services leader, and Europe the region with the best quality of life.”




One of my favorite shows on NPR, This American Life had a wonderful show on our fearful administration.

TAL 03-28-2008

Listening to the news tonight....heard that fearful leader threw the first pitch at the first game in the Nationals new stadium...greeted by more boos and jeers than cheers...guess they (fearful administration) could not control who (loyal supporters) came into the stadium. They have managed crowds that stupid has addressed during the last 7 years.


From PDA ......make your own bumper sticker

Though I prefer my own

A Legacy of Death, Debt and

Deceit. He's a real hero.



heard John McSame on the BBC talking in regards to contract workers looking at his passport information ...."The United States of America values everyone's privacy"....such an affront!!. He is indignant over having someone snoop at his private information What about the continual unauthorized monitoring of the rest of us......John McSame....just more of the same Fearful leader



I was musing....Has fearful leader ever mentioned the word  RECESSION Like if he does not say it ..it cannot be true...this is so fearful leader. He is so used to pushing lies and saying them over and over and over that the MSM and idiot America believes it...so conversely...if you refuse to acknowledge something then it must not be true



Here is my newest hero....Admiral William Fallon. He resigned today rather than be a party to the fearful administrations lying and tactics of shoot first and never talk. More later!!!!


http://www.esquire.com/features/fox-fallon   This is the article where Fallon lays it out....very brave man!!! Thought you listened to your Generals, fearful administration....what a joke that legacy just keeps rolling along!!!



Fearful leader vetoes the Intelligence bill banning water boarding/torture.....so  he further denigrates our country...  We can do better as a country!!!  I predict fearful leader has to flee to Paraguay and then initiates a coup to become dictator .... sometime before 2015!!



My retirement savings have taken a 20% dive....But I don't care and while I may sound selfish and uncaring I am glad this RECESSION is taking place with a year left in fearful leaders term...just adds more credence to the legacy of worst president ever!!!! Can I lay this at stupid's doorstep...I think so maybe more GOVERNMENT oversight of the mortgage industry....maybe not having a trillion dollar war that is digging such a financial hole...he's such a hero!!!  10 more months we should be in swell shape by January...remember lay it all at his feet.

Stupid says Americans need to get out there and spend their government rebate checks...this man has no imagination...A whole economy based on consumer spending.......tsk, tsk, tsk   let's develop the hi tech green alternative energy sources and manufacture our way to a new and yet retro America...manufacturing in the 21st century. then lets save a bit!!



heard this morning that there is a commercial out now calling the republican candidate...

John McSame

I thought that was pretty clever

here is the link...youtube video



So the president of Iran is visiting Iraq....and getting quite a reception....I can just see fearful leader pitching a hissy fit in the Whitehouse...so when is he going to criticize....make demands...use the word evil...issue ultimatums and warnings. This guy has dug such a huge hole for Obama



I was perusing the net and came across this thought and it sums up my disdain of fearful leader especially with his dealings with other countries...

The Bush administration has been divided between ideologues who think the best way to deal with nuclear weapons proliferation is to overthrow regimes or squeeze them into collapse, and pragmatists who think this approach backfires.” It was the realists who succeeded by having a dialogue with North Korea and ultimately securing a promise to cease nuclear production.

The lesson of North Korea is an important one—old-fashioned diplomatic engagement succeeded where the administration’s one-size-fits-all, tough-guy approach failed miserably. What one sees in looking at the failures in foreign policy these past seven years is not a remarkable string of poor implementation and bad luck, but the failure of an ideology—an ideology that asserted the United States stands alone atop a unipolar world, and that military might is the preferred solution in virtually every case. It has been a recipe for failure for our friends and victory for our foes. America may not miss this administration when it finally passes into history. But its adversaries sure will.

here is the link   http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2008/02/bush_legacy.html  



fearful leader had not heard about 4.00 a gallon gasoline coming....maybe as early as Spring. Why are not people screaming at him???




I have been musing about Obama....I was thinking perhaps there is a hope for our country....where else but in America, where you have all this Christian evangelical push and yet rises a mixed race man with Hussein as his middle name as our next leader....perhaps healing the wounds that this country has beset on the rest of the world.....we can only wait and see and hope.  Also realize the forces of evil that will be working against him!

I was also thinking ....when this fearful administration is gone....let's get rid of the term "Homeland"....sounds so 1930s and 40s  Germany. Course this is all being directed by the Republican Reich wing!!



SO.....secretary Gates and the fearful administration are fretting over Turkeys invasion of the Kurds....he said he hopes they keep it quick....he hopes they avoid civilian casualties....he hopes they can utilize other strategies such as addressing grievances versus strictly relying on military solutions. Our fearful administration is giving advice!!!!!!! please they simply could have said....what ever we have done....DO THE OPPOSITE!!!!!!!

morons all of them!!!!

saw this post on the consumerist site....it was in reference to the  fearful administration signing of a bill to strengthen the "Do Not Call" telemarketers act

here is the post in the readers comments section ....commenter Apotheosis

Sometimes, the cold black dead hand of evil right-wing oppression stops and scratches us behind our collective ears.

And we purr, like a white Persian cat.



Here is a quote that I found on the net thought I would share

"The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public. Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else."

"Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star", 149
May 7, 1918

To go right along with this quote.       



Like so many website mine has become inactive…but the site name bushlegacy.org still belongs to me. I would like to find the time to sit down and rant but in lieu of that I may just offer links to more insightful Bush ranting and other things that amuse me!

To start off I really have enjoyed this post by Tom Cleaver


Please please please, Republicans - whoever your candidate for President ever again is, please understand that a resume that reads “failed at everything I ever attempted throughout my entire life, would be living in a box under a freeway if daddy and daddy’s friends hadn’t bailed me out of each and every one of these failures” is not what is needed for this office.

Gleaned from this site    http://www.thecarpetbaggerreport.com/archives/10613.html     post #35

This would make a long but wonderful bumper sticker!!!!

I have recently been reading the commentaries by Keith Olbermann. They are on this page under the “Special Comments” section. I am sure he hates Bush’s actions more than me .


There are many more interesting tidbits...How about the land purchased by the Bush family in Paraguay!!!

here's a link...    http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2006/10/19/18321646.php 

Why would the Bush family purchase this property??? can you say war crimes...extraordinary rendition Guantanamo and of course water boarding.

I still think if you go solar you cut the ties with the middle east and trend towards isolationist policies you pull all presence out of the Mid East. this certainly should be one of a handful of strategies to reduce tension between our world and theirs!



The website has been up for 1 year. One year of ranting and I feel worse...the situation is worse and then there is fearful leader. What can you say....maybe mental illness??? So what!? So he is saddled with this whole mess. It is his legacy. It needs to be finished on his watch. If you live by the sword..........If you swagger like a stud.......2 years left of this madness........unless....can you say impeachment



looking back to a link I provided to GNN on 1-18-2006 I decided to cut and paste the text as links have a way of becoming dead

Here is the crucial text from the article copied verbatim… According to Herskowitz, George W. Bush’s beliefs on Iraq were based in part on a notion dating back to the Reagan White House – ascribed in part to now-vice president Dick Cheney, Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee under Reagan. “Start a small war. Pick a country where there is justification you can jump on, go ahead and invade.”

Bush’s circle of pre-election advisers had a fixation on the political capital that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher collected from the Falklands War. Said Herskowitz: “They were just absolutely blown away, just enthralled by the scenes of the troops coming back, of the boats, people throwing flowers at [Thatcher] and her getting these standing ovations in Parliament and making these magnificent speeches.”

Republicans, Herskowitz said, felt that Jimmy Carter’s political downfall could be attributed largely to his failure to wage a war. He noted that President Reagan and President Bush’s father himself had (besides the narrowly-focused Gulf War I) successfully waged limited wars against tiny opponents – Grenada and Panama – and gained politically. But there were successful small wars, and then there were quagmires, and apparently George H.W. Bush and his son did not see eye to eye.



Fearful leader gave his radio address and he said something to the effect that Fords presidency gained respect and import through the passage of time because of his resolve etc etc etc... blah blah blah. Does fearful leader really think he has ANY of President Ford's qualities.....Fearful leader is no president Ford!!!!!! Fearful leader's legacy.....death, destruction, hate, fear, evil, secrecy and war mongering need I go on?


 I think this 7/29/2006 Doonesbury cartoon speaks for itself!!  Here is the link  





So the fearful administration jumped right on the conflict between the Islamists and Ethiopian/Transitional gov't saying there is no military solution to be had.......This is quite a group we have in power Are they all just stupid or do they really believe the stuff they say????



Listening to the news about Somalia....Fearful leader and his fearful administration support the Ethiopian invasion which is trying to take back the country from the Islamic Court. As I understand it the Ethiopians are being led by a former Somali  warlord . Once again this administration hears the word Islamic and immediately reacts against...no talking, no listening no understanding . Simply if they are Islamic they must be terrorists. I am no expert but my gut feeling tells me once again this administration does not evaluate they just react and always through  fear and  hate.  The mantra of this administration.



Fearful leader is pretty proud of that enemy body count incurred over the last few weeks (over 5000) I guess when you have started a war for no good reason and if you are in total fear of being found out you will grasp at anything to keep the naive following you....Do you really think all of the 5000+ dead Iraqis were enemy combatants? Fearful leader has no plan, no strategy he would continue to send our children to  horrible deaths than admit he lied deceived recklessly for no good reason He does not care about life . When he is found out, let us all meet outside the ranch in Crawford. He would gladly send my child, your child to their deaths to save his legacy. His legacy has already been written... it will not be kind, it will not be forgotten!!  INVESTIGATE IMPEACH and IMPRISON!!!!!!!!!!!



Know why Bush Senior was so choked up? Jeb appears to be somewhat thoughtful in his decisions (he is much smarter and therefore potentially more devious) than fearful brother. Father was choked up because he realizes his idiot child has screwed up so masterfully that the Bush name will be forever reviled. Should not have helped fearful son over and over throughout  life and into this position of authority, only to abuse.



So Karl Rove and Fearful leader think Congress will remain Republican. Actually I would not be hurt by this at all. It would just make for a bigger defeat in 08! We will have gridlock. But I want to see investigations......I will never believe anything but fearful administration went down the Iraq road to "secure his legacy" like was pointed out by Mickey Herskowitz and if that is revealed and confirmed I see nothing but IMPEACHMENT and IMPRISONMENT!!!!!!!!!!



Fearful leader plays semantics while our kids are dying. Pull out of Iraq...civil war big time. Stay, persevere, civil war big time. Fearful leader and the neocons broke Iraq they cannot fix it. It is time to be punished at the polls. The U.S. showed arrogance and stupidity....been saying that a long, long, long time.



Well if you have any common sense and some insights into human behavior you already knew this....The war in Iraq is making terrorism worse! Duh! The National Intelligence Estimate  affirm what we knew. So america do you keep the tough guy Republicans in power OR do you try a different tact?????? Oh, that's right gas prices are down, life is good....



Ok gas prices are falling almost as fast as they rose....can you smell something in politics...like maybe an election. I envision oil execs sitting together saying "lets give idiot Americans a dollar off a gallon they will re-elect our Republican friends then after Thanksgiving lets jack the price up and blame it on supplies and the winter heating season" think I am being cynical.......lets see!!!!



Fearful leader admits to secret prisons, interrogations that no mother would want their child to endure. Hammering on the 911 links yes electioneering at its finest!!!! When will America say enough of the hate? I still say you corner the market on green technologies...especially solar and you tell oil producing countries to go to hell. INVESTIGATE....IMPEACH  and    IMPRISON!



Seems to me fearful leader's rhetoric is getting more hateful,  must be getting close to an election! Vicious talk relating our current troubles to the likes of Hitler and Lenin. I think fearful leader knows his little war is out of his hands he sees the handwriting on the wall ... illegal war investigate,  impeach and  imprison.



I have heard this rumored before and today on Fresh Air (NPR) it came up again....The Fearful administration performing a drive by on Iran. what that means Idiot America is this war mongering administration could possibly launch a limited strike, perhaps nuclear, on Iran before Jan of 09. what could that mean for us............................................perhaps a full fledged Islamic Jihad on America. It may be  time to wrest control of Congress....impeach and imprison. I wonder if he would whimper publicly? Remember ...weak of character.



So Fearful leader is in NOLA boasting about his commitment  to the residents. All I think of when he speaks is "Brownie...you're doing a heck of a job" which roughly translates.....place political supporters in key positions in critical agencies. I wonder how many long term, experienced FEMA employees who were marginalized by Brownie left the agency in disgust....then Katrina.....all goes back to fearful leader and his policies. Should the 1700 dead along the gulf coast be added to fearful leader's legacy of death and destruction?



Harking back to my 2-6-06 post....I have a recollection of this silly statement (what good are civil liberties if you are dead) being uttered by another Republican...well sure enough PERR blog Folks if this is the Republican mantra...this country is much worse off then I ever could have imagined!!!!!!!!



If fearful leader is guilty of starting a war,  being reckless and numerous other charges and accusations, then his supporters in the House and Senate are guilty of being co-conspirators and should be brought to accountability on election day....do you hear me Joe Lieberman???? We have this clown in N Florida who calls himself a "Blue Dog Democrat" ...a conservative Democrat....might be time for him to be sent back to is farm...Allan Boyd....are you listening to your constituents?????? certainly fearful leader does not. He knows what's best for America.....RIGHT



Fearful leader keeps running his mouth about leaving Iraq too soon is an open invitation to failure. I think the whole war thing did not work out and let me see...everything they say turns out to be a lie , misrepresented or wrong ...therefore if fearful leader says leaving Iraq would lead to worse outcomes for Iraq and her citizens, then the complete opposite MUST be true. If everything fearful leader says or does is wrong the opposite must be right....like George Costanza we need to do the exact opposite of every thought, instinct, calculation and maneuver fearful leader has or makes....SO PULL OUT NOW, STUPID In any event come next January when the American public has control of the House of Representatives WE WILL MAKE FEARFUL LEADER ACCOUNTABLE anyway this tough guy act is getting so old and predictable  It is time to beat this defiant child!!!!!



Chalk up another notch in fearful leaders holster...drag your feet for a month before you make Israel stop the carnage....so how many more dead human beings can be attributed directly to fearful leader. Just solidifying the legacy. 29 more months of this insanity.



I just cannot let go of this one issue in particular...Relating back to my 6-30-06 post (intentionally planned war)...

According to Herskowitz, George W. Bush’s beliefs on Iraq were based in part on a notion dating back to the Reagan White House – ascribed in part to now-vice president Dick Cheney, Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee under Reagan. “Start a small war. Pick a country where there is justification you can jump on, go ahead and invade.”

Bush’s circle of pre-election advisers had a fixation on the political capital that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher collected from the Falklands War. Said Herskowitz: “They were just absolutely blown away, just enthralled by the scenes of the troops coming back, of the boats, people throwing flowers at [Thatcher] and her getting these standing ovations in Parliament and making these magnificent speeches.”

Republicans, Herskowitz said, felt that Jimmy Carter’s political downfall could be attributed largely to his failure to wage a war. He noted that President Reagan and President Bush’s father himself had (besides the narrowly-focused Gulf War I) successfully waged limited wars against tiny opponents – Grenada and Panama – and gained politically.

So is this true?  maybe. Perhaps one day Condee or Rumsfeld will come clean.



Seems to me when you destroy a country. Kill civilians cavalier ally. You basically become the best recruiter Hezbollah could ask for. They must have adopted the shock and awe strategy of fearful leader's handlers. Quite a strategy to fight terrorism.



Listened to NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross today... she had a really good interview with Thomas Ricks worth a listen...FA 7-25-06 Loved hearing Fearful leader squirm at the microphone today....saying more troops were needed in Baghdad the situation is terrible...geez the moron is just figuring this all out now! along this same vein... Tony Snow was asked about the sectarian violence yesterday... his response..."So now we're working with the government to say, okay, what can we do. What can we do to go ahead and get into those neighborhoods, deal with sectarian violence, but also deal with the fact that in some cases, there really is just gangs of rowdies? "      

ROWDIES!!!!   REALLY!!??!!    WOW!!



Found this today....kind of reinforces what I said on 7/16/06....  Mark Fiore animated cartoon



Fearful leader continues to secure and define his legacy.... again coming to the rescue of soon to be trashed In vitro embryos!!! Nevermind tens of thousands of dead Iraqis. Thousands of dead Americans. The creation of not only the breeding ground for terrorism but the incentive for terrorism around the globe. Saddling future generations of Americans with tens of trillions of dollars in debt. In denial about global warming and missing the opportunity to make America the leader in green technologies. But he saved those doomed embryos....allowing them to continue to "live" in their frozen dark airless environment....kind of like the average idiot American voter.



So you think fearful leader did not know the audio was on when he used that 4 letter expletive....you are not too smart.. It is all by design. It makes him look like a macho, tough, regular guy who is not going to take shit, gonna kick some butt...man I think he just secured half the electorate in one fell swoop they love a regular guy. If he could always wear his cowboy hat and six shooter, pack some chew, curse a little more AND ALWAYS SAVE THE EMBRYOS he would have cornered 75% of idiot America!            we need a bumper sticker....SAVE THE EMBRYOS!  BUT LET ME SEND YOUR 18 YEAR OLD OFF TO DIE IN MY WAR   



I am still very confident that eventually we will find out that fearful leader contrived this war from the start. I truly am convinced that his intention from before he was even selected....start a small limited war...win it swiftly and convincingly and history will judge you as a true decisive,  bold  leader. Alternative theory number two... the PNAC goal to  export American influence throughout the world. Alternate theory number three... oil. I believe it will all eventually see the light of day When it is all revealed expect to see thousands of Americans who lost their children in this war storming the ranch in Crawford and it may not be limited to only rhetoric!!!!



rape of a little girl and murder of her family....things go so well don't they! (lets export more American values) I hope sometime soon we re-establish the draft...with no exceptions (do you hear me Barbara, Jenna, Mary Cheney. My son and daughter your son and daughter Jeb Bush's worthless offspring; Does Jerry Falwell have grandchildren? How about Wolfowitz certainly he planted his nasty seed at some point. Got off tangent....my point of the draft... everyone serves no exceptions then perhaps you don't need those with personality disorders that rape 14 year olds (why does the news insist on calling her a woman....try little girl) and murdering her family. I even think fearful leader should be held accountable for this as well reason being, troops pick up on a deceitful, evil administration that has no values or integrity...this is whom some of the soldiers emulate. OH, I know, I almost forgot this is the point where I am supposed to say ...I support our troops not our policy. I want to add that it would have to be horrific over there as a U.S. soldier...never knowing who is the enemy, cars careening at you...are they a terrorist or a teenager out of control never knowing where the next IED is going to be. THIS IS WHY A PRESIDENT MAKING DECISIONS TO GO TO WAR ...MIGHT WANT TO HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE OTHER THAN AS A CHICKEN HAWK!!!!! NUFF SAID!!!!!



glad to hear that  Al-Zarqawi is dead. Not much more to say than I hope all people of influence who spew hate and division of others from their mouths realize they are no better.



Seems as if the other shoe is hitting the floor....per my 4/28 post. You look at fearful leaders face and even he can no longer talk the talk. Lies and rhetoric will no longer work. Things like this are driving the final nails in the reputation of the "Good American". The fearful administration said tonight ALL THE FACTS ABOUT THIS INCIDENT, WILL COME OUT...as if to say "we realize America thinks of us as the most deceitful administration ever but this time guys we promise not to lie and stonewall"  Pretty sad commentary when they have to make a big announcement to the media saying they are going to tell the truth...really,  all of it!!! Then today you have 2 women (one pregnant...perhaps in labor) rushing to a hospital (I assume to get medical help for the delivery)  mistaken, ( for I assume a terrorist car attack)  shot and killed....these things happen in the theatre of war BUT..........WTF are we doing over there .........Fearful leader....your  effort to build a legacy for yourself based on....  fabricating, starting, fighting a little war to portray you as decisive and bold is over....you are done and your legacy of death and deceit will follow you into old age. Maybe too your Christianity will be a curse to you as well...do you really think God could forgive all this....no I think your judgment day will be especially harsh as well it should be for someone proclaiming his Christianity. It only makes it that much more intolerable.



Fearful leader thinks his biggest mistake was lack of sophistication ("bring it on", "wanted dead or alive")  let me see... can you say this after me...... IRAQ!



I enjoyed this. maybe you will too.. It has been pulled from my original link but here is another site with it archived...  Doonesbury 5-21-2006



I was musing today about "THE WALL". I bet fearful leader thinks this wall will not only keep our southern neighbors out but he probably thinks.......it will keep bird flu out....it will keep gays out....it will keep illegal prescription drugs out... will keep internet pornography out.....it will keep global warming out...it will keep evildoers out.....it will keep Africanized killer bees out.. (oops too late)....it will keep cheap illegal Chinese knockoffs out....it will keep hurricanes out...it will keep forest fires out...it will keep the Formosan termite out.  (darn too late) Oh this is so fearful leader....got to add to this list. But you know the wall could be fearful leader's legacy....



Everything is force or show of force with fearful leader. I think because he and everyone around him were/are chicken-hawks. I think too that people like this most likely have real insecurities...low self esteem and were probably picked on as youths. But all you have to do is mention belief in God and well you know the rest of the story and my thoughts on the American Church and those whose only goal is to save life before birth then dismiss it totally after birth by lack of health care...under funded schools, sending them off to die in an illegally conceived war and finally leave them in poverty in old age. I could rant on but I think I am just waiting for the next shoe to drop on this fearful administration.



Saw on the news Congress is breathlessly passing extension of the tax cuts hey 46 dollars extra for me. Maybe as much as 42,000 dollars for those over 1,000,000 in income. Quite a deal!!!!! They are such panderers!!!!



Met an online friend...  thinks a lot like I do. However,  more eloquent, and more thoughtful and best of all Canadian....not, an idiot American.....maybe that's the ticket we just turn over our government to our Northern neighbors see if they can fix things.  Anyway personally I think our neighbors better watch out for fearful leader....doesn't Canada have a ton of oil????? 



REORGANIZATION... no matter how much they rearranged the deck chairs on the TITANIC, all those left on board were going down RS link The emerging bushlegacy.



This fearful administration has helped me become so totally jaded...another example... It looks like we lost a helicopter and all her crew in Afghanistan, military discounts any notion that it was shot down....well why should I believe any statement from government officials, especially the military. This is what fearful leader and his handlers have brought me to. Do not believe anything your government says. Maybe I am the one that needs the alcohol... to numb the senses



So fearful leader does not think it's right to sing our National Anthem in Spanish. I think he has more important things to worry about. It kind of reminds me of the Doonesbury cartoon 04/09/06 link where he is troubled late at night by the cries of stem cells. (saving poor defenseless stem cells, sounds like the making of that legacy).  Personally I hope all these problems leads him back to alcohol. I know, that is awful thing to say but just seems to me his arrogance and self righteousness deserves the most public, disgraceful  downfall available. Liquor could easily provide that vehicle!!! I think he is of very weak character and easily could provide great entertainment once he is out of office. I have to provide a link to Stephen Colbert's monolog at the White House Correspondents Dinner apparently it really pissed of fearful leader....nothing like the truth to be revealing!!!!!! EAP link



Is it that difficult to figure out??????????? Why can't we impose windfall taxes on the oil companies then on top of that tack on another dollar per gallon and initiate something like a "Manhattan Project"  to develop or tap a renewable energy source within the next 5 years. Fearful leader wants to drill in ANWR......brilliant !!!!! such a solution and of course all Congress wants to do is send idiot Americans some money. I don't want your 100.00 dollars. I want to be free of oil dependence but our elected officials are too stupid, scared or obliged to make tough decisions, everything is a quick fix. THANK GOD THESE PEOPLE WERE NOT MAKING DECISIONS IN 1940!!!!!!!



Saw something on the news tonight about what appears to be retribution murders by American soldiers in Iraq. It seemed to involve women and children as well as the male Iraqi's. Too soon to comment but you might have to expect this kind of stuff too occur on both sides. of course fearful leader continues to imply that Americans are more moral, virtuous, righteous than others on this Earth....



Got approached by a fellow employee at work. He is a "pastor" of a small church and they were selling dinners as a fund raiser. I started thinking The American church is the reason fearful leader is in office and even more responsible for this 2nd term with his so called "mandate" So no more money for ANY American church from me. I cannot support the mindless idiot Americans that marched lock step to the polls to "save America" from evil liberals. Without the churches conservative base, think of all the poor stem cells that never would have survived (thank goodness Fearful leader saved poor defenseless stem cells) never mind the 100,000 dead Iraqis. I hope there is some kind of accountability



Discovered this animated comic by Mark Fiore link



Well I said the the next revelation was out there lurking. Thank you Mr. Lewis Libby. Of course fearful leader authorized the leak of the identity of Valerie Plame  of course the fearful administration is trying to confuse and mislead the issue by saying it was declassified.  Summer could be fun!!!!!



Had a good laugh yesterday. Florida and Texas lead America with state legislatures full of knuckleheads with knucklehead proposals. Here we go....Aaron Bean a Florida Republican (his bill actually was dealing with a serious subject...sex offenders) but the knucklehead lost me when he used the word EVIL twice in 2 consecutive sentences....then he topped it off with....you guessed it,  EVILDOERS!!!!! who does he think he is!!!!! Only fearful leader or someone in his fearful administration are allowed to use that term! Shame on you Aaron Bean  you just cannot be allowed to do this. The next thing you know he will be talking about "hard work" then he will be clearing brush



It has been awhile. I swear fearful leader just jets around the country giving speeches...trouble is he will only address prescreened crowds...loyal non thinking Republicans. Once again they are employing the strategy...if you keep repeating something (even a total lie) idiot America will think it is true. Fearful leader is back in the saddle telling us progress is being made. I had to laugh because I think he said it was progress that the leaders of the 3 Iraqi  religious factions had condemned the recent violence. All that comes to mind is fearful leader clicking his red slippers together and saying "there is no civil war...there is no civil war" ( All I can do is hope that he single handedly causes the House and Senate to move into Democratic hands this fall.)  If that happens then I think you possibly could see a movement to impeach. What on earth would Al Qaeda do without it's recruitment poster boy



Everyone seems to know a person that is always embellishing stories. I was thinking it is to the point with this fearful administration that no matter what they say, I cannot believe it. I feel it is either a total lie, falsehood or diversion from other issues. The abuses at Abugarub "few bad apples". SURE...question is which fearful administration official conceived this and authorized it. So when fearful leader starts yapping about how the UAE overseeing ports is not a danger.........you have to figure it is a lie. Even something as simple as implying an interest in exploring alternatives to oil....lie, there is nothing to see here. The domestic spying scandal....he expects us first to believe that it is for our safety and  that it is very limited in scope. Why would you believe this? Now that Iraq is sliding towards civil war even fearful leader doesn't even try the "things are going well " spin. Pretty pathetic and fearful administration. How many decades will it take for America to undo the damage this fearful administration has wrought in just 5 years (and counting). I know I just can't wait for the next totally outlandish, unlawful, off the wall revelation....you know it's out there lurking. I guess January 20th 2009 will eventually arrive. Of course with Idiot America going to the polls................



Fearful leader is such a joke....he submits a budget that slashes 10 million off the Renewable Energy Research Lab budget. Then goes on this tour promoting alternatives to the oil addiction.  Real bright puppet! Fearful leader probably does not even know what the word renewable means! On another subject fearful leader is saying he is going to veto any bill that relates to stopping the operation of seaports by the UAE. Fearful leader you have not vetoed one bill in your 5 years! I think we should  stop the take over just to piss off the UAE. If feaful leader or someone in his fearful administration did not have something to gain by trying to get the UAE to run these ports you would see them all using words such as fear, evil, terrorists....It is VERY obvious someone that fearful leader knows wants this deal to go through. WHAT AN INSPIRING LEADER!!!!!!!!! Was it not fearful leader holding the hand of some sheik while they were walking.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm .(TP link)



Ultimately, I think this whole fearful administration really does boil down to those that pull fearful leader's strings (can you say, puppeteer?) I have already mentioned the axis of evil doers. They seemed to all have crawled out from under the PNAC rock. (PNAC link),  (pnac info)  (pnac info old home page link) these links will give you both the websites. IMHO the pnac link provides nothing more than the ideology of evil doers. The pnac info links provides thoughtful, insightful commentary ;).....really! Speaking of the puppeteers/evil doers, look at their statement of principles. Also look at the date it was written and the names of those that signed the statement....sounds like the foundation for a fearful administration!!!!!! (pnac statement of principles link)



I think the issue of inherent Presidential Authority may turn out to big our country's biggest worry with fearful leader leading the charge. Actually I don't think he is bright enough to have originated this himself. It most likely came from is axis of evil doers....Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney and others. Then on top of that I hear Senator John Cornyn say something like What good are civil liberties if you are dead from a terrorist attack. (MN link) (Dem link) Smart John!  think maybe those ancestors of yours were TORRIES. Oh yeah, he's from Texas....figures it had to be Florida or Texas


So fearful leader thinks we are addicted to oil!!!!! DUH!! it really irritates me that that the big oilman AKA fearful leader has taken 5 years to figure that out. guess he has been to busy calling people evil doers, stirring up fears and clearing brush. seems to me if you spend 500 billion to a trillion dollars on renewable energy research not only do you corner the market on this technology but you can also go tell Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Venezuela,  Iraq and Iran to go to hell and we could just shrug our shoulders at the whole Middle East situation and leave. Seems to me that would  be exactly what OSB also wants....guess fearful leader is too stupid to figure this one out.



I have been thinking about fearful leaders Supreme Court nominee, Samuel Alito and I think The Democrats should just let it go . If the court starts rolling back civil liberties and turns our nation into some conservative monolith then so be it. Idiot America Reelected the fearful little man. 225 million Americans COULD have voted.  Bush  got 62,000,000 votes. So to sum up 62 million knuckleheads spoke for 225 million people. pretty sad. so the way I figure it, those 100 million people who could have voted but chose not to, get exactly what they deserve!!!



It seems like my site is evolving into more of a web log. There are so many things about fearful leader that I had never written down that as they come back to me I feel obliged to publish them! I was thinking the other day about how fearful leader responded to that question about if he had any statistics on the numbers of Iraq dead (civilians, insurgents, police, military ) (Apomie link). What bothered me was his casual almost flippant response...."30,000 more or less". My first reaction was he assigns no value to Iraqis. NONE! My take on his response Iraqis do not matter....just collateral damage. REMEMBER IDIOT AMERICANS,  these are people's mothers, daughters, sons, fathers, brothers and sisters. Lest we forget, this fearful administration has a motto of lie and deceive. So is 30,000 dead a lie??....maybe (Dailykos link)



I feel the need just to put thoughts down, publish now and maybe organize later. I was just thinking (my recollection) The fearful administration was not talking about Iraq in Spring 2002.  The only thing in the news was Afghanistan and Enron. Seems to me the news was starting to shift from Enron  to talk about Harkin Energy and fearful leader's management (or lack of it) with that company. ( TTAG link ) (I think specifically the line on fearful leader was selling his stock before the price nose dived probably through his pure incompetence!) Then all of the sudden all the fearful administration would talk about was IRAQ and WMD. Quite a coincidence!!!

 **** One week into setting up this site (01/22/2006) I am realizing this website is turning into an ENDLESS RANT!  I guess the only thing I can say about this site is that it is MY site and this rant makes ME feel better!


I guess my ultimate goal is to contribute in any way I can to making sure that the Bush legacy as I understand and view it is available . Even if a few idiot Americans stumble upon this site maybe they might learn some things . I expect to provide many links in the future. I know one of the many stories I have heard is fearful leader telling his biographer in 1999 (GNN link) that if he ever got a chance he was going to do Iraq  right . So here is the fearful leader genius already laying out his plans....in 1999 ....guess he just needed the excuse. Then 9/11 happened..



You have to love (sarcastic) an administration that uses fear,  lies and deceit as its standard method of operation!!! Anyone ever notice with the fearful administration that they keep repeating the same mantra over and over and over and the funny thing is idiot Americans start believing it. I think the fearful administration wants to keep the average person from thinking by eliminating  the middle class. A person who lives paycheck to paycheck has no health insurance Maybe has to have 2 jobs is not going to have the time or energy to look at this fearful administration and demand an end to their lies, hate and fear tactics.



From 1998 when the fearful leader name was being  flown as a trial balloon....I had a very bad feeling!!!  My gut reaction was....is this person self made??? (really, I knew there was probably no way this was possible) or did he simply  inherit name, wealth and privilege through birth with no contribution on his part (most probable). (RS link)


Bush legacy a web log containing some random thoughts on the Bush Administration by a common citizen. The legacy of George W. Bush.... Death, Debt and Deceit.....but he saved the stem cells!!!

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G.W. BUSH  I like to refer to him as "fearful leader" (when was the last time you saw fear flaunted like this???) Maybe by Joseph McCarthy???


January 2006   I had been thinking, contemplating, ranting about the worthless president and just the awful decisions that had been made. The lies that had been told. The expenditure of wealth and lives for ideology. I  started thinking about Bush's legacy and wondered if the domain name Bushlegacy was available. .Com was already taken but .Org was available so  in the first few days of 2006 I launched my rant. I think it was because it was a new year and I was reflecting on the past year and years. I am not much of a writer. I do consider myself thoughtful and decided I needed to put my thoughts in writing.


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